I was born and raised in a small farm outside the town of Tzaneen, Limpopo province. I am among a handful who went to university and the only young person to pursue a Master of Arts degree to date. I wish to be an inspiration to the millions of young people in my community and South Africa by obtaining a PhD and working towards a professorship in the near future. I wish to publish my ideas and research in high impact academic journals to contribute to the already existing body of knowledge. My research interest is in crime fiction. I am an enthusiast with critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills. I am of the view that we cannot talk about literature outside the scope of humanism. Humanism is concerned with essential contribution to the functionality of our society and its democracy.

Therefore, the ability of literature to speak to and about human diversity, global cultures and enhance creative and critical thinking skills allows us to see the contribution of the individual to the society and how literature participate in building and sustaining knowledge. Literary discourses about gender, race, class, power and subjectivity contribute significantly to the understanding of our history, presence and helps us imagine our future.

I have just completed my Master of Arts degree in South African literature in English with a focus on post-2000 crime fiction. Through my PhD I want to take my interest in crime fiction a little further focusing specifically on post-2000 African crime fiction by female writers. Given the statistics of gender based violence in Africa and the dominance of the crime fiction canon by male writers, my study seeks to attempt creating a bridge between fiction and realities of crime in Africa today. My research also seeks to foster an understanding that goes beyond the scopes of social sciences about criminality and violence in the post-colonial moment.