My academic journey has been very compelling, to say the least. It started with not even knowing what the research accolades meant, to now seeing myself as a professor one day. But, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I started my research work in Bloemfontein at the University of the Free state. This was the single step I did not know I needed, but I did. Being in Bloemfontein opened my eyes both emotionally and academically. I was introduced to research. Specifically, I grew to love organic chemistry because of its complexities, and maybe the Professor then made it more fun. Unfortunately for the subject that gave me so much joy, I received the lowest mark. Being the very resilient person that I am, I decided to persist and stuck with chemistry to my masters. For my masters, I had the privilege of researching medicinal chemistry mostly involves organic synthesis. Specifically, I researched the synthesis of porphyrins for the potential treatment of cancer and bacterial diseases. Besides the complexities of a graduate degree (the environment, my supervisors, colleagues etc.), I enjoyed my research, I love what I do. Partly because I love adding to the scientific world and I believe one day my research will be recognized by just a big pharmaceutical company. 

Receiving a distinction for my masters gave me the kick to aspire to be more, to want to be excellent and win big. Well, now I am a PhD candidate at the University of KwaZulu natal. My journey in medicinal chemistry continues and I hope to be a well-rounded scientist. I aspire to share my journey and scientific findings with other young scientists and communities. I am passionate about mental health activism, science communication, travelling and strangely about fashion.