This site celebrates the process of science — from the perspective of young people in the midst of their postgraduate studies. It is one of the projects led by the South African Young Academy of Science, an organisation with the twin aims of being the voice of young scientists, and to help bridge the gaps between science and society. In early 2015, SAYAS launched a competition to find the best PhD bloggers in South Africa, and broadened  in 2016 with the inclusion in some years of Master’s students’ voices. In these pages, you will, therefore, find the voices of postgraduate students and their experiences in the South African context. We always have space for more variety and will give SAYAS members the chance to contribute. If you have ideas for blogs, videos, or other information that would be useful to postgraduate students, get in touch with me. Keep an eye out for the annual competition — we will be looking for fresh new bloggers every year!



While SAYAS provides the platform for blogs on this site, we reiterate that these are the voices of individual students and researchers. If a blog is posted here, it is not necessarily an endorsement by SAYAS as an academy. Official positions and statements by the Academy can be found on its website, which is updated regularly. This blogging site is moderated to the extent that hate speech and personal attacks will be removed, but otherwise, debate, free speech, and personal opinions will not be censored. 

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  1. We as Dr.Nr.Mandela high school students at cape town we’ve been looking for competions of science.we want to try to enter a competition so that we can see ourselves being scientist in our future.

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