The year is coming to an end, slowly for some, too fast for others. Time to look back and reflect on what we did, and what we didn’t, on the opportunities we had, the ideas we turned into reality, and those that we postponed or abandoned, on the people we “gained” and those we “lost”, the things we said and the things we wish we shouldn’t have said.

But it was a year full of memories, lessons and personally, the blessing for working with an amazing team of young ladies for the SAYAS blog. I am not joking when I respond to people that commend us on the 2019 blogs that I did nothing… The ideas were flowing and the Fantastic Four needed a little direction from me at the beginning of the year and the rest is history.

I became excited towards the 20th of every month waiting for the new blogs to arrive and I felt so lucky and privileged that I was the first one to read through them.

Now it is time to move forward as a team of 2019, but before we do so, the Fantastic Four decides to go back to the future in order to look in the year that passed and provide a retrospection of their years while at the same time, expressing their aspirations and dreams on how the world will be in 2050. This week, you will read one every day and maybe the Fantastic Four will assist you with your reflections of the year that passed and inspire you for your new year’s resolutions.

Many wishes from me for the festive season and may you begin your new year with bigger dreams than before and strength to achieve them.


PS. We are busy evaluating all the applications for the 2020 SAYAS blog team and I must say I am super excited for what is coming…Stay tuned…

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