We blinked and it is 2020….

The year that when I was a kid I was SURE we will commute with spaceships, eat pills instead of food and our houses will look like the Jetsons‘.

Instead, the newspapers present us with the possibility of a next world war, while the climate has turned back to us fighting to survive from the human race’s misuse – and well in South Africa we do not know if we will have electricity the next day (who am I kidding? …the next hour).

How did we end up here?

Last year, I spent some time with a wonderful economist and special mentor (he might have not even realised how he influenced my thinking) and the main lesson I took from our interactions is: in order to find solutions, we need to be sure we are asking the “right” questions.


Right, not for our publication record or our PhD, not because we have access to the data, not because the politicians want to have the specific answers…

Right for the society, for a sustainable future, for an impact, and for our own growth and development of thought process and mindset.

Right to take us out of our predicaments as a human race into a better future.

2020, here we go then, the year of asking the right questions (and exploring the answers, of course!).

Looking forward to working with an inspiring team of four individuals that I am sure, will challenge our minds and make us think deeper and wider at the same time. Check our 2020 bloggers here. In January, they will further introduce themselves in their first blogs.

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