By Davide Gaglio

Here we are again! I’m just back from the 2nd Seabird Conference…it was such a great experience! conference

It was literally “magic” when on the big screen of the auditorium we received a message from Jane Goodall.

And I really enjoyed the (quite funny) “Seabird (nerd) competition” during the final buffet!

I was very happy to be part of this magnificent event,

(you’ll see me from 8:35 – 8:55)

and good news, good news…I made to the top 10 of the best student talks!

Whooop whooop!!

Well, now it’s time to change the topic and get dressed… on the 28th of November I will be getting married!
Yes, you read correctly! You might ask… “getting married and finish a PhD in the same time????” Well… pursuing a PhD degree is not an easy way to go – at times you definitely just want to give up. To have someone accompany you on this difficult journey sounds like a great idea to me!

Some people have told me that having a spouse during a PhD distracts you from research. But I believe instead that, if you marry the right person, your research might even improve. PhD students decide to marry the same way every other human does, right?! Some choose to wait until they finish their degree to get married; others just after school; while some choose not to even think about relationships.

In some respects, getting married and pursing a PhD are ….same same…but DIFFERENT!!!


Marriage has been a recurrent idea in my mind since I started my PhD, as I’ve been in love with my future wife for a long time…and we finally decided there is no reason for us to wait any longer.

Of course, I’m deliriously happy, but quite busy with only a few left weeks to go; we are ticking off the things that are needed to be done beforehand. Even though we are having a small ceremony, there is still quite some planning to do…. but luckily we have support from amazing friends and family, who are making the job very easy for us. It’s easy to get distracted with all the planning but we mustn’t forget the truth of the day. It’s one day of our lives when we get to share our love with family and all friends we have picked up along the way. It can only be filled with happiness. But not only that, it also represents the start of a whole new adventure ahead for us and that’s what we are both looking forward too.

Ok I promise I will show you some photos once I am back!…now I have to run and get a suit! ciao ciao.

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