We all accumulate new experiences and learn new skills daily. Some skills take time to learn. After a while, some of these memories are replaced by new ones and consequently one often has to figure out how to do something all over again. Imagine an ideal world where each of us can learn from another’s experiences. This will allow us to use our available resources to build new experiences, instead of having to figure out what has already been figured out. Time is precious and should be spent on treasured activities such as reading the latest literature on the topic one is working on, to stay abreast with nuances in one’s field and to participate in science engagement. If we can learn from each other, then we’ll have more time to pioneer new solutions, to develop in additional performance areas, to build from a solid, pre-existing base and make the world an amazing place. This sounds poetic.

That is where ResearchMasterminds.com fits in: an “external hard drive” full of experiences and skills to make the lives of postgraduate students and independent researchers easier. A place where you can find answers to your frequently asked research-related questions.

In a November 2019 SAYAS blog post, I wrote an article which explained the birth history of the Research Masterminds YouTube channel.

Today, I am proud to announce the birth of this channel’s sister – a brand new website:

ResearchMasterminds.com shares solutions to challenges typically experienced by independent researchers and postgraduate students. This website contains all kinds of useful “how to” information. You will find the page on editing your document especially useful to avoid the midnight-hours-of-frustration as you navigate your way through Microsoft Word’s many handy, but often not so intuitive functions. When the times comes to write your precious research up into a publication, reduce frustration, increase joy and impress your supervisors and co-authors, by allowing this page to guide you. Other valuable topics revolve around getting organised, data management, systematic reviews, EndNote and dissemination of findings. There is also an opportunity for you to make suggestions for content not yet added to the website .  Bookmark the site for quick and easy access when you need it most. Follow us on Twitter @ResearchMminds and subscribe to the Research Masterminds channel on YouTube. Together, through sharing what we know, we will make the lives of others easier!

Benita Olivier is a professor in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and Research Director of the Wits Institute for Sport and Health at the University of the Witwatersrand.

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