Vlog 2 is out!

Covering the last few months of 2022 from the end of winter, it has been filled with many events and functions that I was happy to vlog, both to keep a record for myself, and to share with you, my audience. If you watched my first vlog, you’ll notice that there has been a big difference in my energy and confidence levels in my academic life. I have become more comfortable in my new lab setting and in my research. As the year went on, I felt both privileged and grateful to have taken this opportunity to switch my scientific fields.

An important part of the year was “unmasking”, which is when South Africa was given thumbs up for masks to be worn optionally rather than as a legal requirement. Thanks to this, many events have thus taken place such as conferences, celebrations, team workshops, and undergrad labs since the occupancy levels in SA were raised. At first, it was scary to leave the mask in the car, but as time went on, I remember how liberating it felt to put on some lipstick and not have it smeared all over your face when the mask comes off! So, it was really great to experience the pre-COVID atmosphere at WITS, especially during the 100-year celebratory events which included a march, shows, markets and concerts (the last time WITS was so busy was when I was in my first year). I also volunteered at a science event which was both rewarding and fun, and it’s always great to contribute to your department through extra-curricular activities. Additionally, I am still participating in science communication, serving as a Judge at the Fame Lab, and taking part in many radio interviews. 

Apart from social activities, my academic work has progressed from the last vlog (thankfully). As expected, I have had a few bumps in the road, but after a couple of weeks of continuous work (and praying), most of the challenges have been solved. A really exciting part of my journey is the beginning, which is pre-clinical trials. These involve mice studies and the use of drugs to treat tumours. I am fortunate enough to be included in a colleague’s project and the training and experience I gain from this will be invaluable, especially considering my interest in the clinical industry. I look forward to being in my final year of PhD next year, not with the intention of having a smooth-sailing year, but with the intention of overcoming challenges and growing into an advanced researcher.

At first, it was a slow start to 2022, but the last couple of months have been filled with academic work, personal development and achievements and wonderful memories. I believe if you’re going to be doing research that may save the world, you should thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Please watch, like and share the vlog with family and friends.

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